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The Pie Peddler Fund Raising ProgramThe Pie Peddler Fund Raising Program

It’s as easy as pie!

  • We provide 9” fresh-baked homemade pies
  • There are 9 flavors of fruit and cream pies
  • The Pie Peddler is fully owned and operated by Mehaffie Pies, Dayton OH
  • Contact us for information or to set a date for your sale:
  • We provide order forms for each player
  • We sell to you for $5 per pie; You resell for $10 per pie
  • Take orders until one week prior to your desired delivery date
  • Collect money when you take the order
  • We deliver to your team location on the day/time requested
  • Pay our driver upon delivery
  • Distribute pies immediately upon receipt

All-American Fundraising All-American Fundraising

  • In business since 1968 based in Waterloo, Nebraska
  • We provide several different selling programs.  Just a few of the more popular includes:
    • World’s Finest Candy Bars-  50% profit
    • VSA Fall Gift Catalog-  50% profit
    • Jenny’s Favorite Cookie Dough-  40% profit
    • Family Favorites Frozen Food Brochure-  40% profit
    •  Team Spirit NFL and Collegiate Mugs-  40% profit
    • Nuts About Chocolate-  40% profit
  • Online ordering capabilities
  • All orders are sorted individually by child to help the distribution process
  • The entire process takes 6 weeks from start to finish.  You have all of your money in 2 weeks!  Payment to All-American is due upon delivery. 
  • Contact Ryan Frankart for information or to schedule a meeting

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